1.All videos must be shot in your home, at your home or in the immediate area. No public locations! Stay home...stay safe. 

3. All film content must be Covid-19, Pandemic, Quarantine or social distancing specific. 

2. Short films only

(15 min. or less) please!

4. Lastly, Registration is free 99 but it closes at 12am sharp on May 1st so you have 30 days to register below and make magic! Please put "QT FILM FESTIVAL" as your subject and you will receive an email with an application and submission instructions. 

About the festival

"Flex your creativity from the crib"

Nina Childs- festival producer

With Social distancing at an all time high and the rapid spread of Covid-19, film production has been stopped all throughout the nation. With so many creatives home and not on sets and in theatres doing live shows I just thought it would be amazing to challenge film makers and creators of all genre's to make movies from the house. I'm hoping this catches on all across the states and I'm looking to have a very special screening here in Los Angeles once it's safe to come outside. For now please be sure to register below. I can't wait to see what you create!



rsvp: nina@ninachildsproductions / 646-598-NINA

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