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Toni wrote...

Toni wrote...

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"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

  • Writer's pictureNina Childs

We don't want your social symbolism, we want reparations...

And we want them now. America, Amerikkka, Emurrica. Ready and willing to give the descendants of slaves everything but what they're actually owed. A recent post where comedian Roy Woods Jr was scene simply showing a new Juneteenth ice cream flavor with Juneteenth decorations found in some Wal-Mart somewhere went viral. Causing online outrage and eventually causing Wal-Mart to pull that gimmicky money grabbing bullshit right off the shelves. I mean, it's just ice's really not that deep but it really is. It's a smaller sign of how truly out of hand and comfortable America has gotten with giving African Americans symbolic progress while we continue to fight for economic equality in the United States. If you actually believe that Wal-Mart gives a shit about Juneteenth then you're a dummy. Sorry, I don't usually insult my readers....cause my readers are intelligent, so if you think that you're not 1 of the 3 people that frequents this blog. It was an OBVIOUS money grab. An evil, soul-less corporation that over works and under pays their workers trying to cash in on the economic juggernaut that is the SPENDING POWER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY. That's it and that's all. Just like the senate spray painting Black Lives Matter on the 2 blocks that stretch along 16th street NW in Downtown DC. It's all just symbolism and it's good for about 10 minutes of fuzzy feels until you have to go back to the nightmare of being black in America.

I scream, you scream. No one wanted this fuckin ice cream!

__________<------- Bottomline is, it's bullshit. If

Wal-Mart really cared about black people they would have done something better than some red velvet cheesecake flavored ice cream, as more than 40% of Black people are lactose intolerant! Add to that the decorative napkins that read, "It's the freedom for me.", being sold in a country where America has built a pre-school to prison pipeline which 1 out of 5 black men will experience at some point in there lives and it's laughable. it's fucking hilarious....if it weren't so tragic. It's the freedom for me? No black person would ever say that because we know just how free we are not. Wal-Mart, and I sincerely mean this, fuck that ice cream and fuck that team of white executives and the token blacks that sat in on that marketing meeting and approved that silly shit. If you really wanna celebrate Juneteenth give everyone black 100 dollars worth of free groceries on Juneteenth. Put something on the bbq and then we can talk. Take a small portion of the billions that black Americans (it don't even feel right referring to us as Americans but here we are) have put into your business back into our pockets and then....we will believe you. For far too long we as black people have been waaaaay too content with suffering in this country in exchange for their tokens of symbolism that dont even benefit of us in ways that transform our plight in this country. Juneteenth ice cream? Nah....keep it.

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