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Toni wrote...

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"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

  • Writer's pictureNina Childs

"Protect Black Women...just not the dark ones."

Catchy title right? I had to sit down and blog this one out because I saw a Hollywood Unlocked clip via TMZ...that sent me into a rage. The clip was of Megan the Stallion's attorney addressing the controversial Drake lyrics that have gone viral. If you're not up on that tea I ain't got time for a full recap. Suffice it to say, music fans are in shambles over whether or not Drake is blatantly calling Meg out about lying about getting shot. Now that is suspect enough, but it gets deeper. I've been watching this Meg the Stallion shooting situation for months. I've also been watching how she gets dragged in the media and publicly called out by rappers for what she does in the bedroom even though her lighter counterparts are doing all the same things but everything about everything Meg does is just so horrible by comparison. I also zeroed in on where the majority of hatred for Meg comes from and it was not surprisingly black men. Which led me down a rabbit hole to figure out why people have such an issue with this woman breathing and I figured it could be nothing less than her audacity to unapologetically take up space as a DARK SKINNED BLACK WOMAN.

The hatred that Meg the Stallion receives is directly rooted in colorism and I have news for all black people so lean in and read real close, YOU ARE UPHOLDING RACISM BY PERPETUATING COLORISM. And that's not a new thought but unfortunately it's one we've failed to grasp as a collective and a community. Now of course racism and it's direct descendant colorism spans much further than the black community in America. Women and men of all races of color who are darker in hue deal with colorism across the globe but I'm sweeping my back porch right now so back to the blacks. Ya'll don't believe Megan got shot. I see it all day online. Claims that she was drunk (prolly but so tf what!?), claims that her friend shot her(cap...and that's been proven) and my personal favorite, "Didn't she step on a piece of glass?" are just ridiculous. I mean let's follow Blue's Clues. Grab your handy dandy notebooks kids. Is it possible to get shot in the foot and step on a piece of glass due to glass being shattered from gun shots? Is it? And who takes a lie this far? Who, with millions of dollars, success and MORE INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIM THAN THE PERSON WHO "ALLEGEDLY" SHOT YOU, even bothers to take shit this far? Shit is NOT ADDING UP.

You don't think rationally when you've been trained to have a natural and programmed tendency to see darker skinned people as "sneaky liars", violent, aggressive, dangerous etc.

You don't even realize that's why you don't believe her and that's what's scariest. Sure Meg is out here drinking, being wild and having a ball. Same shit our Queen Rihanna did when she was single and living her best life. She never had rappers outing her on albums by name and she was able to garner your sympathy and care after she was beaten by her boyfriend. There was no video of that assault but her battered face was clear evidence of what took place but Meg's stitches were from a piece of glass? Oh, ok. Ya'll are sick and Hip-Hop and it's toxic, violent, misogonystic culture is LARGELY to blame for the colorism epidemic within the culture. We already know how so we're not gonna segway into all that. It gets worst.

You're not just colorists. You're also texturists, featurists and just all around anti black and it's much more dangerous than a black woman getting her feelings hurt for not being the object of some fuck niggas lust. It translates into those same women not only having mental health struggles due to being rejected by their community but it also spills over into them being victimized, not believed and then ridiculed on top of that as we are seeing so clearly play out with Megan the Stallion. There is nothing wrong with having preferences. However, having preferences that our rooted in racism and then being so loud, wrong and violent about adding to and upholding this system of oppression is the very definition in my book of being a house nigga. I don't tolerate HOUSE NIGGAS.

I'm going to delve in a bit later on how light skinned black women can be as implicit in holding down colorism as white women are to upholding racism in my next blog and I mean why wouldn't you cater to something that benefits you? I get it. I'm not here for it though and you all need to be held accountable as well. You can't help that you're born with any skin tone but you can develop and foster attitudes, outlooks and ways of moving about society that make you complicit with stopping the progress of our liberation and if you feel a way about anything I've said there's your first clue. Let's argue!

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