Nina Childs Presents!

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Nina Childs Presents is a short form genre-bending sketch show that is sure to please in 10 minutes or less! With a talented ensemble cast and no shortage of brain bending stories we are currently looking to find a streaming home for this show. Please send an email request for the pilot episode.



Michael is an up and coming artist that has moved to LA on the word of his new "Manager" to do a 6-week artists residency at an "Illegal Art Gallery".

On opening night Michael meets a beautiful woman and goes down a rabbit hole on wild goose chase that involves a bag of stolen money and a beautiful woman. Stare is a short form scripted series being made to stream on instagram and social media sprin of 2021.


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Loise is a paralegal and a 30… something millennial who lives in an unimpressive apartment and is reeling from the sudden death of her younger sister. Pushed to the edge of sadness and without her best friend, Lois develops an unhealthy attachment to her sister’s reborn doll as a means to process her crippling grief.


The Davis's

Miles Davis and Cicely Tyson were married on Thanksgiving day in the winter of 1981 at thehome of Bill and Camille Cosby. There's is a love story that spans decades but in this live immersion play we explore what happened on that cold Thursday with a room full of Black Royalty. This show is currently in development with a pending tour that will travel once covid restrictions are lifted.